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The GROW Training Lounge is a unique space that goes beyond the traditional learning space, designed specifically for women. The Lounge's mission is focused on advancing marginalized women through the power of community. We believe that the habits of coming together as women create new initiatives paths and conversations that bring forth ideas that will lead to self-development and greater economic prosperity.

The Lounge package benefits include:

  •  Exquisite, very Exclusive professional and innovation settings to accommodate women Leaders and entrepreneur needs.

  • Access to an impressive array of professional specialists that spend time at The Lounge.

  • An exclusive women-only work-space platform, that welcomes all

   One time membership fee would apply to all levels of membership, then follow by a monthly or annual fee.




  • Leadership is a set of learnable skills that can be improved through the hard work of disciplined practice. You need the intention to improve, discipline to seek, receive and analyze feedback on your performance; and the opportunity to repeat activities and gauge improvement. Becoming a member of Grow Women Leaders will unlock the opportunity of developing and discovering your greatest potential.


General membership:


  • Yearly Fee ($5 off GROW live events and free entry to all series)

  • Monthly Fee (free entry to all Series)





  • Take advantage of GROW mainstream media and social media networks presence to gain exposure for your activities or business

  • Get mentored by Women from the women Leaders circles

  •  Get preferential pricing for products and events

  •  Private Facebook group: GROW Women Leaders Lounge where you can gain priceless connections and support network from like-minded women from across the racial and cultural spectrum of Canada

  • One-On-One conversations aimed at promoting startup businesses and personal stories

  •  Speak Out Women Series™ where members get interviewed

  •  8 hours of monthly access to our shared women spaces

  •  Exclusive consulting business chat with social entrepreneur and GROW Founder, Tracy Barry

  •  Access to members-only events

  •  Leadership and business training

  •  Coaching and workshops sessions with executive partners

  •  Get business and marketing strategy sessions with GROW business consultants

  •  An opportunity to get booked as a guest on GROW Speak Out Women Series™

  • Access to our production equipment, so you can get your next marketing campaign done!

  •  Get your story and your business featured in our GROW Magazine and book series 15% off

  •  Assess to our mentor network

  • Download a letter to give your cooperation to pay for your membership here.


  • Executive membership:

  • Yearly Fee (15% off GROW big events and free entry to all series)

  • Monthly Fee 

  • Who are considered executive members? Organizations or corporations who are our collaborative partners, companies that have decided to join hands with GROW in its programs, campaigns, events, entrepreneurial and philanthropy activities.




  •  Recognition at all events through signage, announcements, and acknowledgements

  •  Participation in all our live events and series

  •  Social media promotion of your business through exposure via our social networks, events, and platforms

  • Invitations to speak at our Speak Out Series, live events, workshops or award nights (twice a year)

  •  VIP access to GROW live events at a discounted rate

  •  Mentions in our GROW business directory on our website, which will link to your website for increased traffic

  •  Member logos featured on the website

  •  20 hours yearly access trial to women-only coworking spaces/boardroom usage

  •  Invitations to showcase member products or services

  •  Opportunities to run workshops at GROW facilities for our members 

  • Promotions and guest appearances on our bi-weekly podcast series (for yearly members)

  •  Access to GROW members-only workshops and coaching sessions

  • Get your story and your business featured in our GROW Magazine (20% off value)

  • Monthly (10% off VIP tickets GROW live events)

  • Yearly (15% off VIP tickets GROW live events)


(not for profit pricing is also available)