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The GROW Training Programs is committed to accelerating equity for women especially immigrant and BIWoC by providing access to programs that can help re-train, up-still and re-tool, while harnessing the power of our principle of SEED - support, empower, encourage and develop - in six months or less, and at no cost to participants!

  Flexible. Fast. Free

Our programs take three to six months to complete, and the timing is flexible, so it works with your demanding schedule. The GROW Foundation program hosts community events, and provides professional support in optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile, interview prep, and more. We’ll also connect you to experts, knowledgable speakers and professionals in relevant fields, to add to your educational experience. Once your program is complete, our team will assist with job placement through our diverse network of companies that value you, your experience, your career, and your family. All at no cost to you.


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