Grow Women Leader Academy


The Grow Women Leaders Academy aims to increase our participants’ leadership effectiveness, through a unique combination of workshops, coaching and networking amongst women. With mentors and peers from all over the world, female leaders and entrepreneurs are equipped with the necessary support and tools to break through the barriers which so often stand in the way of women. GROW is already known throughout Canada for promoting and fostering equality, culture, diversity, and inclusion for all. We can help women, as well as helping organizations to grow and gain a clearer understanding about inclusion.



- Business Development: We have experts that analyze and model your business for success. This includes developing an appropriate equality standard. Plus; business development for The Startup, Come Up and Blow up stages of business.


The Startup: Who should attend the “start up” track




first-time business owner that need help with the basic a business.

Business basics examples

  • Business registration process

  • Determine the appropriate legal structure

  • Introduction to marketing plan writing

  • Introduction to pricing your product/service or profit

  • Introduction to tax write off

  • Filling for a Tax ID number

  • Province Regulations

  • Tax requirement


Come Up:

Who should attend the Come Up Track (Established business owner 6 months or more that needs help growing and propelling their business forward

  • Identify and remove barriers and obstacles to success

  • How to finance your growth

  • Manage and improve vendors and distributor relationship

  • Analyze COGS, expenses, revenue streams and internal structures

  • Staying motivated after failure


The Blow-Up

Who should attend the Come Up Track

  • In need of funding to further grow your small business. Pitch your business idea to investors to get the capital you want


Entrepreneurial Pathway with Training, Promotion, Microloans for Women:


This program comprises five aspects that include Social Resources, Space, Promotion, Academy, and Micro Loans for aspiring women who qualify. With every intake, 3 Women are enrolled yearly in Business, Arts & Culture, and Tech to part take in this program.  








           Pathways for Growing Immigrant Women’s Leaders


Immigrant Women are driven, resilient and are rising in numbers. They start businesses at higher rates, and research shows they are often the ones that propel their families. Immigrant women are leaders. But often with limited access to networks of power, and at times facing strict gender norms within their own communities, immigrant women confront barriers to fully participating in social change movements.

Too sad that there are only a few, who provide a dedicated space for immigrant women until grow movement started. Join grow women leaders sessions and program, for a longing conversation exploring the ideas coming out of leadership development. Our sessions will provide rounds of opportunities while creating events, that will bring together government, corporate and nonprofit leaders discussing the challenges, rewards and future of leadership development for immigrant women.

Programs will Explore
  • Networks and resources in the community that focus on strengthening immigrant women leaders

  • Opportunities to hear success stories from immigrant women who strive to become leaders

  • A conversation around opportunities that exist for stakeholders interested in advancing leadership among immigrant women


Training Fee: Small Group                              One on One                                  Customized( one on one)