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GROW: International Women Day's

GROW: International Women Day’s /Tracy Barry- Founder at GROW - Gradual Rising of WOMEN
Sat, 10 March 2018 -5:00 PM – 10:00 PM MST / Fantasyland Hotel West Edmonton Mall 17700 87 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5T 4V4

Gradual Rising of Women (G.R.O.W) is an organization for women that hosts regular events and programs focused on women's personal and professional development, business success, motivation, inspiration, networking and socializing.

Gender parity won't happen overnight. That is why we call our organization the Gradual Rising of Women (GROW). At GROW we SEED (Support, Empower, Encourage and Develop) women globally, everyday women are heroes deserving celebration. Together we can collaboratively #pressforprogress to accelerate gender parity, equality and inclusion.

This year's International Women's Day, GROW will celebrate the women who #pressforprogress This is an event where women will gather, learn and share their experiences.

IWD Book Launch

Books give a soul to the universe,wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything



 Gradual Raising of Women (GROW) has embarked upon a new initiative called Project 150: Accomplished 150 Immigrant Women. This initiative aims to capture the voices of 150 accomplished immigrant women

As part of this initiative, GROW will hold various series all over Canada, starting from Alberta. Conversation Cafes with a withfeaturedA Celebration of the Rise of Immigrant Women will be held on October 28th 2017, at 5 p.m. at the Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton to celebrate the accomplishments of our immigrant women. This celebration will be an opportunity to hear from some

edition of Promising Young, Women and Leadership. That will help GROW to both celebrate and document their contribution to Canada and share their stories of struggles, successes and accomplishments with our community and surrounding areas. GROW believes sharing experiences such as these are critically important in helping to nurture emerging leadership and ongoing civic engagement among young women from Ethno-Cultural communities. a special feature of Open Mic Conversation Cafes in the mid-day and evenings where women are able to come up and share their own personal stories of struggles, successes and triumphs.ofour 150 inspiring women we have met over the summer to celebrate their accomplishments.

GROW has been able to mobilize other organizations such as Reach, Edmonton Multicural Health Broker, EdmontonMuticultural Coalition, Eisa, Edmonton Heritage Council, City of Edmonton, WAVE, the majestic Palace, FiTSTILL LIfestyle, EPL, Immigrant Initiative Network, St John Institute, ACGC, The Alberta Council for Global Cooperation, The NOOK Cafe and many more, who have lent their support to us for this initiative.

Come and hear inspiring incredible UNTOLD STORIES of how immigrant women are beating all odds to be the trailblazers, community leaders, Academia, businesswoman and professionals they are today. These inspiring immigrant women will share their life stories and show the different paths that can lead to success. 

Come and hear their unfiltered stories as they share their stories of struggles, accomplishments and successes. 

If you would like to share your story or be a guest speaker, please email us 


Cultural Award Night


Project 150: STREET OUTREACH 2017 (Nigeria)

Project 150: STREET OUTREACH 2017(Nigeria) As the founder of Grow, and haven’t faced tough times growing up in Nigeria (West Africa). I remembered how times where like for my family back then. Today I am passionate about alleviating underprivileged woman out of poverty. it breaks my hearts to hear stories of children and women enduring challenges with no support and help. As our mission is to Grow Women leaders globally. We are glad to have started a street Outreach where we share #clothes, #fooditems, #provisions and hundreds of #slippers for the less privileged kids on the streets Nigeria Every December, join Grow as we provide direct service and support Women and children on the street. Lets put a smile on these ones smile. Your #500 or $3 can help put smiles on the faces of these ones. Your #500 or $3 can put foot wears on the feet of those hawkers, destitute and poor people. Your #500 or $3 can give someone hope. Pls support. Please support. You can volunteer to go with us on that day. Next year will be better because GROW will be on the ground. Support or partner with us now to hand out 500 foot wears to children on the street this year December



Here are the winners of our Women Influencers Awards


Cultural Award Night at NAFT NewsWatch

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