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Canada: Since our project began, There has been an awakening among many communities that we had observed. We have influenced so many women to dream dreams. With some help from

GROW, Many are now venturing to dare through this initiative started. And we call this GROW movement.


GROW did an outreach in Nigeria last year, where children were provided with footwears and mother giving provision for the holidays. Help us continue this Outreach by donating. Nothing is too little.

Sierra Leone


GROW was glad to have supported the disaster relief for Sierra Leone flood victims. We Challenges that raised over $500 for the Sierra Leone association in Edmonton



Project 150: STREET OUTREACH 2017(Nigeria) As the founder of Grow, and haven’t faced tough times growing up in Nigeria (West Africa). I remembered how times where like for my family back then. Today I am passionate about alleviating underprivileged woman out of poverty. it breaks my hearts to hear stories of children and women enduring challenges with no support and help. As our mission is to Grow Women leaders globally. We are glad to have started a street Outreach where we share #clothes, #fooditems, #provisions and hundreds of #slippers for the less privileged kids on the streets Nigeria Every December, join Grow as we provide direct service and support Women and children on the street. Lets put a smile on these ones smile. Your #500 or $3 can help put smiles on the faces of these ones. Your #500 or $3 can put footwears on the feet of those hawkers, destitute and poor people. Your #500 or $3 can give someone hope. Pls support. Please support. You can volunteer to go with us on that day. Next year will be better because GROW will be on the ground. Support or partner with us now to hand out 500 foot wears to children on the street this year December

GROW has partnered with the Sierra Leone Associaton of Alberta to raise money for the Sierra Leone mudslide disaster that occurred on August 14, 2017. CNN News reports that about 20, 000 people have been displaced due to the mudslide and have been placed in temporary housing camps. 5000 of those people displaced are children.…/afri…/sierra-leone-mudslides/index.html

GROW has committed to donating $400 dollars to the fund. We challenge you to donate to our fundraiser. Please donate what you can. Help us reach our $4,500 goal. To find more information on the distribution of the funds, click on the following link:


Support us to GROW more women leaders!

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