The Grow Women's Lounge

Looking for a co-working space and a hub to start or grow your business?


Are you a female entrepreneur? New to Canada, intending to get started on business?


Grow is proud to present THE WOMEN INNOVATION HUB

A Co-Work space where female entrepreneur to get Support. Encourage. Empower and Develop


Need More Information about renting a space or be a member?

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Be part of Grow space

A community, social gathering and developmental center for  Immigrant women entrepreneur: a space to learn and grow.


The Grow Women Lounge is a safe co-working space for women to collaborate and connect. A space where passionate women begin their entrepreneurial or developmental journey. The lounge grant access to many resources require to start growing your business, as well as providing a community space to share stories, network, and work on projects and to further the development of each woman’s entrepreneurial journey.

Food & Drink

Unlimited Coffee/Tea

Free Drinking Water




24 hrs member access

Close to LRT and bus route

Wheelchair Accessibility


Driven Community

Events and Seminars

Lounge/Chill-out Area






High Speed internet

Mail Service


Why you should join GROW


To gain skills and connections

To witness your business grow big!

  • To inspire your innovative ideas!

  • To expand your circles of influence!

  • To be part of our community

                                                     Immigrant women May qualify for finance to start or grow your business