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In GROW’s first year, our events grew from local occurrences to national phenomena… In their current format, these well-attended events and programs that are now created will continue to benefit the lives of countless Edmontonians, Albertans, and Canadians. Our programs were developed based on the success of our Project150, which was held in top cities around Canada. We collected and heard hundreds of stories directly from immigrant women. Stories were focused on Their Challenges, Successes and Accomplishment. When that first phase was done and a book published, our question was now….. What NEXT? What should we do to stories collected, how can we make challenges to issues that were present in those stories? Though we can't fix it all, we can certainly start making gradual changes. Acting based on the saying “little drop of water makes mighty ocean? Our current programs are all developed, to find solutions to some of the challenges. Follow all our social media pages for when and where programs will be held

The told Stories of Immigrant Women” Book Series

In March of 2018, a limited run of GROW’s debut foray into literature- Untold Stories of Immigrant Women- quickly found itself ‘sold out’ at its soft launch, which gained media attention from organizations as significant as CBC.
Featuring a carefully curated selection of stories from the “Speak Out” conversation cafes, the book consists of the detailed documentation and narratives of those who beat the odds and overcame mass obstacles in order to build a new life in Canada.
As a literary platform for immigrant women to share their trials, tribulations, and successes with the masses, the stories told in Untold Stories of Immigrant Women can inspire women all around the world- especially those who cannot attend the “Speak Out” conversation cafes.
By bringing these stories from society’s margins into the mainstream, all citizens are given the opportunity to become more aware and sympathetic to the situations of wise voices which would otherwise remain unheard.


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