Gradual Rising of Women (GROW Foundation) is immigrant women empowerment non profit organization, that provides mentorship training, workshop and space for marginalized women to develop their potential.

Our mandate is to promote leadership and business development among marginalized youth and women using four pillars, also known as SEED: Support, Encourage, Empower, Develop.

We work with marginalized Indigenous, Multicultural and Low-income Mainstream women and youth to improve their leadership, employability and life skills so that they advance and GROW within their communities, get out of poverty and have an equal opportunity within Canadian society. In addition, we work with women and youth leaders to enhance their entrepreneurship by turning their ideas into a reality, launch and GROW their business so that they can prosper within the business world and become financially self sufficient



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GROW emerged when Tracy Folorunsho-Barry found that there was still a gap between the services established for empowerment and leadership development among immigrant women.  


“Driven by her passion and experience in discovering self-growth and entrepreneurship, Tracy created resources to help women entrepreneurs with generating viable business ideas and models that generate income. She also supports them with resources. As an immigrant woman in Canada, her own personal challenges she encountered gave her a strong knowledge of what immigrant women truly need – a community that raises others, a support network and a space where they can grow. At GROW, we are building a community and support system that is run by women, for women, to support and develop women, one community at a time”




As an organization for marginalized women (and the only community of its kind), GROW Foundation offers a unique mentorship and  space for immigrant women to develop their lives and businesses by making mutual connections and flourish together as entrepreneurs and leaders while impacting the economy.






I. Social Events


We are a diverse community where women with exceptional talents exchange stories, ideas, and experiences. Each woman receives the benefits of support, encouragement, empowerment, and development.




2. The Space

The Space is a unique meeting space that goes beyond the traditional, designed specifically for women. The Lounge's mission is to focus on advancing women through the power of community. We believe that the habits of coming together as women create new initiatives paths and conversations that bring forth ideas that will lead to self-development and greater economic prosperity.



3. Training Mentorship


We provide training for women looking to re-enter and re-tool for the workforce and start their own business.


Our founder Tracy, believes that the only way to quickly bridge the gap of inequalities that still exist in the society today, is a well calculated measure to get women working and creating from a space where all resource are proved. This will enable them gain  financial freedom and economic inclusion.



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We empower women to build community and pursue their goals. This is achieved through our capacity building, advocacy,, networking and workshop.

At GROW Foundation we created a safe space for training and mentoring marginalized women because we understand the interconnection between marginalization and poverty.


Our acclaimed Speak Out Women series program features successful immigrant women who have overcome adversity to build lives in Canada. Whether looking to retrain for a new career, balanced raising a family while attending post-secondary or with post-traumatic stress, each woman is proof of what is possible through the network, support and what grow offers.

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